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Click to Enlarge You will find Hamm on your Germany road map near the crossing point of the A1 and A2, situated between the more known cities of Dortmund in the south (you may have heard of Borussia Dortmund if you are interested in soccer), and Münster to the north of Hamm (in 1648, the treaty "Westfälischer Friede" was signed there, ending a thirty year long infamous war).
Hamm is an old Westphalian town with a population of somewhat below 200,000. You will find EKF in the northern inner city, near the technology park HAMTEC, with the local airfield as our neighbour.

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EKF is an ISO-9001 certified company
EKF Elektronik GmbH • Philipp-Reis-Str. 4 • Lilienthalstr. 2 • 59065 Hamm • Germany
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